Bright Eyes.

Have you ever wanted to meet a man, a man so beautiful that his whole being spoke volumes? Not that kind of beautiful where his body is chiselled heaven or his face appears to look like David, each contour perfectly measured, making it something of absolute beauty. No, I’m talking about the kind of beauty that is soul deep, one that you can see oozing out of his big, bright, beautiful eyes.

Maybe it could be a man, who has eyes so green, that looking into them feels like you’re surrounded by a forrest with lust greenery. Cool and refreshing, never looking tired or worn out. Gold speck mirroring the effect of sunlight peaking through the tree tops, kissing the floor in random bursts of warm, golden light. Looking into his eyes gives you energy, because he has a soul that is old yet wonderful. Full of experience and wisdom, full of love.

Or maybe it could be a man, who has eyes so blue, staring deep into them is akin to swimming in the clear blue waters of the The Maldives, each thought swimming around like a fish enjoying freedom. Mischievous but irresistible, eyes like these are a tell tale for souls that are adventurous, seeking new knowledge and companionship to share it all with. Stormy blue like the tropical rains that take over, even in a anger or pure determination, make their souls unique and wonderful.

Or it could be a man, who has eyes so brown, honey is the first word that comes to mind. In the warm glow if the morning sun, their eyes turn to shades of brown you couldn’t even begin to imagine. Like honey, it oozes out warmth and comfort. Men like these have the passion of a lover but the gentleness of a father and looking into their eyes will only reveal a soul of a similar kind. Dark yet mysterious, eyes that turn into warm, runny chocolate as the sun sets, tells one that this man has a soul that is serious as he is playful. Souls like his are ones you can trust with all your life, never doubting once that they won’t be the ones to catch you when you feel like your feet have failed you. Caring for you is all they want.

If you’re ever fortunate to find a man who posses such souls, be sure to never let them go because know that you are one of the few bestowed to witness and enjoy the true meaning of a pure and beautiful soul. 

“Could a greater miracle take place than for us to look through each other’s eyes for an instant?” – Henry David Thoreau.