Idk when things started getting more complicated between you and I but today morning really made me realise how naive and stupid and immature I am, thinking this could work. Thinking that you and i being friends would work cause how can it when you like me more than i like you?

Yes i know, in my many drunken stupors, i have told you that we aren’t dating because of traditions, because of distance and other excuses. And that at the end of the day i would date you if i could because i like you. But what has changed from those times to today morning is that yes i do like you, a lot even, but i like you as a friend. A companion that speaks to my inner self, the one not many people as it is the most vulnerable part of someone. Being apart from you for the past few weeks has made me realise that it isn’t the physical that i crave but it is your companionship. Talking and texting over the phone gave me more satisfaction than our romp in the sheets during those sultry nights.

I know i hurt you terribly today when i told you again how me talking to you wasn’t because i want to date you but it was because i enjoy our silly conversations. I know you’re expecting me to fall for you and give in by dating you but Mr Miller i will tell you now that this will never happen. It will never happen because i treasure you as a friend and a human above anything and everything else and dating a girl who has so many unresolved issue and can’t give you 1001% dating commitment is not something i will allow to happen. No siree you take my word for it.

Hate me all you want, I don’t know if we’ll ever speak after today but my dearest Camu, know that i sayang you always and you’ll always have a special place in my heart because you are the kindest and most brilliant souls i’ve met in my time and it’s a soul i’ll cherish always.


Low maintenance friend

I am a low maintenance friend, truly. Like I could go a whole week not talking to someone and be totally okay with it. Or someone could just basically forget I existed and literally speak to me a year earlier and I’ll be okay with it.

I see myself, or at least I’d like to see myself, as someone who even after momentous amounts of time you could come talk too and it’ll be like no time has passed. Yesterday my friend Emmanuel called to talk about meeting up when I jet over to the States. We haven’t spoken for like 2/3 YEARS and yet we spoke for an hour plus about everything and nothing and it was great. We caught up a little and joked a lot.

This is the kind of friendship I crave. One where both parties don’t expect daily updates unless it’s life or death but just enjoy the chat when it comes. When I and you, thousands of miles away, are clued into each other’s life events and not about what you had for lunch today, the important stuff minus all the jargon surrounding it.


So if and when I do have the luck to meet you sometime in my life and we do end up being friends, I really hope you remember this little nugget about me.

Winter mornings

Anyone who knew me well enough would know how much I hate snow, for what it brings about the day after. The wet roads, ice that seems to sneak up on you, landing you with one too many close calls with the surface of the sidewalk and worst of all the sludge that always seems to find a way to stick to the bottom of your jeans. yetch

But what most don’t know is that, secretly, I love the falling part that brings in the snow. To see the flurry of white snowflakes coating every surface, giving it a pure and iridescent effect when it hits the early morning sunlight. Or the calm silent nights that occupy a snowfall making you feel like the world has been shrouded in a sense of peace and tranquility.


It truly is the thing fairytales are made from.

Of TV shows and family holidays.

A series is like a family holiday. At first, you shake your head in utmost disbelief. Thinking to yourself how did you allow yourself to go along with the idea when your life was fine before it. Then as the series progresses, like any holiday, you start to enjoy it. Any negativity implied disappears, leaving you to revel in the ups. To be sorrowful in downs knowing it will get better. At last, as any holiday and series go along, the end is inevitable. And that leaves you depressed and upset but oddly satisfied. Cause you knew, looking back, even with all the reservations you had when you first said “Yes I’ll do it” it was one of the best damn moments of your life.

Early Mornings.

waking up to a sky so blue, a dawn so orange that it seems like the whole sky is on fire.

but I think what it would be like to wake up in your arms.

pulling on a jacket to ward off that early morning chill, shuffling across the floor with the promise of hot cocoa is what keeps you going.

cause all I want to do is go back to bed and feel your arms around me.

steam rises, fogging the mirror. hot water burning, scalding the skin on your back, turning you red with raw pain and the need to feel something, anything more than the emptiness which consumes you.

I remember the way you looked at me that morning, laughter crinkling the edges of your eyes as you jangle my keys high up in the air. Teasing me to no end with your smile and banter. Testing my patience, pushing it to the breaking point.

wrapping yourself up in his old shirt, you sit by the window. Observing life start to awaken.
Parents walking their children to school, dogs taking their morning walk.
A couple in midst of a kiss, sad to be apart for the day but anxious and excited for what the night will behold them. The world is at such peace.

I’m sorry love, that knock on the ground caused his aneurysm to rupture. It wasn’t your fault, none of us could’ve known he’d have had it. It was just a series of unfortunate events.

Funny, how in one split second your whole universe can come crashing down. Your whole life shredded in mere seconds and yet, it’s as insignificant as a shout into the oblivion.

Love continues to blossom. People continue to grow and the world keeps spinning. And there is just you, sitting by the window of your psych ward, drinking medication that you think is hot cocoa, wondering what today may have been like if you hadn’t killed him 5 years ago.

I am trying so hard to be a better. To be someone who isn’t sad an insecure all the damn time. To be someone who is reliable and happy god dammit. But what happens when the person you trusted to open up too about things you’ve never told anyone about, doesn’t trust you the same way?

How do you stop your broken pieces from coming undone?

Bright Eyes.

Have you ever wanted to meet a man, a man so beautiful that his whole being spoke volumes? Not that kind of beautiful where his body is chiselled heaven or his face appears to look like David, each contour perfectly measured, making it something of absolute beauty. No, I’m talking about the kind of beauty that is soul deep, one that you can see oozing out of his big, bright, beautiful eyes.

Maybe it could be a man, who has eyes so green, that looking into them feels like you’re surrounded by a forrest with lust greenery. Cool and refreshing, never looking tired or worn out. Gold speck mirroring the effect of sunlight peaking through the tree tops, kissing the floor in random bursts of warm, golden light. Looking into his eyes gives you energy, because he has a soul that is old yet wonderful. Full of experience and wisdom, full of love.

Or maybe it could be a man, who has eyes so blue, staring deep into them is akin to swimming in the clear blue waters of the The Maldives, each thought swimming around like a fish enjoying freedom. Mischievous but irresistible, eyes like these are a tell tale for souls that are adventurous, seeking new knowledge and companionship to share it all with. Stormy blue like the tropical rains that take over, even in a anger or pure determination, make their souls unique and wonderful.

Or it could be a man, who has eyes so brown, honey is the first word that comes to mind. In the warm glow if the morning sun, their eyes turn to shades of brown you couldn’t even begin to imagine. Like honey, it oozes out warmth and comfort. Men like these have the passion of a lover but the gentleness of a father and looking into their eyes will only reveal a soul of a similar kind. Dark yet mysterious, eyes that turn into warm, runny chocolate as the sun sets, tells one that this man has a soul that is serious as he is playful. Souls like his are ones you can trust with all your life, never doubting once that they won’t be the ones to catch you when you feel like your feet have failed you. Caring for you is all they want.

If you’re ever fortunate to find a man who posses such souls, be sure to never let them go because know that you are one of the few bestowed to witness and enjoy the true meaning of a pure and beautiful soul. 

“Could a greater miracle take place than for us to look through each other’s eyes for an instant?” – Henry David Thoreau.



Solitude is very different from a ‘time-out’ from our busy lives. Solitude is the very ground from which community grows. Whenever we pray alone, study, read, write, or simply spend quiet time away from the places where we interact with each other directly, we are potentially opened for a deeper intimacy with each other. – Henri Nouwen

Someone once told me that relationships, may they be friendly or romantically inclined, tend to break down faster if it is strained by the involved being in each other’s company constantly. And by constantly I mean literally never leaving their side.

Before today I never believed it. A prime point I stressed was how no matter what it was always up to the people involved to make it work, but now I truly see what they meant.

Everyone needs their solitude.

Everyone needs their time alone to do what they do best, be themselves. Yes, company is fun, company is much needed but too much can kill not only the relationship but you. You slowly lose a part of yourself, you forget how to just be you cause you’re too busy being you + them or you + him/her.

Solitude is not something people want but essentially need.

From time, I’ve loved me enough for the both of us.

All the bitter hate. All the nonsensical arguments we had because one of us got angry too quickly, took a joke too far, took a comment too seriously. 

All the times we created so much friction after so much passion, so much ease. For all the times where looking at you became so difficult that just being in your company leaves me running for solitude, leaves me hiding from the world cause no matter how much I try to avoid you, its impossible. You’re everywhere, inescapable.  

You left me hanging, alone, without much of a thought. Like I never touched your life, like i never meant anything to you, like my friendship wasn’t worth your worry, your memories. I never did understand, and probably never will, what I could’ve done to deserve such treatment but it must’ve been bad cause everyday slowly starts to feel like a rat caught in a maze only this time there isn’t a block of cheese waiting for me at the end of the line, only sorrow and loneliness follow.


And for all those times, no matter the bad or the unbearable, I could never hate you as much as I tried. I’ve just learnt to love me enough for the both of us.

23 Things That Only Sisters Understand

To my one and only retard, this is for you.

Thought Catalog

1. Having someone in your life who you often do not want breathing in your direction yet who you’d still help hide the body if they asked.

2. How discussing the politically incorrect thing one of your parents just said is infinitely more gratifying with someone who cares and gets it like your sister does.

3. Having someone with whom you hold an exclusively mutual understanding of just how weird and dysfunctional your family is.

4. You had all the same things growing up, but one of you had everything in pink and the other had everything in blue or purple. That’s just how it went down.

5. The humiliation in having to wear matching dresses during the holidays and have elderly relatives ooh and ahh over how much you look alike.

6. Having another person on your…

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